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Eating Disorders

The desire of control


If you have an eating (or food) disorder, you use food to alter your mood – rather than for nutrition. You might do this by:

• Starving
• Overeating
• Bingeing
• Purging

–or a mixture of all of these. The behaviour brings short-term relief from depression, stress or intense anxiety until it builds up again and the action is repeated. The desire for control is a big factor. People with eating disorders often have a distorted view of the size of their bodies (body dysmorphia); they frequently have an exercise addiction as well; and use nicotine and caffeine to help stop hunger pangs.

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Two types of common food disorders have been given their own names:


Anorexia nervosa –

this is the self-starvation syndrome involving body dysmorphia and an intense fear of weight gain. Typically, the individual loses 20% or more of their original body weight, leading to muscle wasting. Sufferers usually have low self-esteem and immense feelings of shame and guilt but are in strong denial about having a problem.


Bulimia nervosa –

this is characterised by secret ‘binge’ episodes involving eating large amounts of very high-calorie foods, often in a short space of time; frequently followed by ‘purging’, either by vomiting, the swallowing of laxatives or diuretics, or obsessive exercise, in an attempt to rid the body of the calories consumed. Sufferers have the same low self-esteem as anorexics but are usually more aware that they have a problem.

The pattern of seeking relief from negative feelings is typical of any addiction – e.g., to drugs or alcohol. People habitually don’t know, or deny to themselves, that they have a problem. Sufferers can recover using the same model of addiction as any other type of addict – although, instead of abstaining completely from food, they abstain from the addictive foods (foods like refined flour and sugar are known to alter mood) and eat three nutritious meals a day and nothing else.

If you know someone with a food disorder, it is pointless getting bossy or frustrated with them and trying to get them to eat more, or less. They’re in an addictive process and they are powerless over their behaviour. If you try to stop that behaviour, the person’s underlying negative feelings will escalate until they become unbearable, and they will then be forced to react. So The sufferer has to be shown that there is another way to deal with those terrifying feelings, at the same time as quitting the addictive cycle.

It’s important to say that food disorders are potentially very damaging to both physical and mental health and can be fatal. Anorexia nervosa can result in sudden death, by the malnutrition accompanying the disease. Anorexia also causes amenorrhoea, low blood pressure, decreased heart size, dry skin, hair loss and cold intolerance (leading to an increase in body hair). The self-induced vomiting of bulimics can lead to swelling of salivary glands, erosion of tooth enamel, electrolyte and mineral deficiencies, oesophagus tearing and irregular heart rhythm. In addition, laxative abuse can cause long-lasting damage to bowel function.

Most food disorder sufferers begin with strict dieting, exercising, or overeating, and the condition escalates from there. Spotting the potential problem in the early stages can prevent years of misery and ill-health.


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I wanted to drop you a quick message to thank you very much for your help and support during my stay within Ibiza Calm. Each and every person in the house was important in his own way in my recovery. I feel very grateful to all of you. It’s not always easy but it is achievable. My life is way much better than it was before coming and I am definitely a better version of myself now.


My son attended two rehab facilities before going to Ibiza Calm. Ibiza Calm, however, was exactly what it professed to be. They worked with my son as a vital ally in his recovery process, not as a person to be broken and fixed according to a set regimen, who would be blamed and shamed if he did not respond appropriately to the facility’s treatment protocol and schedule. The therapist assigned to my son struck the right balance between allowing him to move at a pace at which he was comfortable and pushing him to keep a challenging pace of self-discovery and recovery. My son has come out of this treatment calm and self-aware; whereas he finished the other programs angry and even traumatized. My son has only been 6 weeks out of Ibiza Calm, so the long-term success in remaining sober remains to be seen, but the change in his attitude and behavior is so profound that I have great hope for the future for the first time in years. I recommend Ibiza Calm without reservation, rather with overwhelming gratitude.


I was at Ibiza calm from the 4th of July to the 29th of July 2020, I am 23 years of age and was in a horrific place in my life From drink and cocaine. My girlfriend is pregnant and outright had enough of my selfish behaviour. I was really ready to start my recovery, I settled in fantastic they have amazing staff so helpful and caring, the food is unbelievable thanks to Danny the main man in the kitchen, the grounds are beautiful, the bedrooms are very nice I overall found my stay amazing. 10/10 couldn’t fault it many thanks Francis.


My husband was in another rehab clinic in the UK 6 months ago, which I wasn’t totally convinced by not only experiences of others but the surroundings/ Set up and approach to it .. he is only 2 weeks into his journey at IBIZA calm and it’s the first time in a long time I can finally hear happiness in his voice, and motivation on his healing / sobriety journey , commitment to his inner and outer health.. I know this is just the beginnings But both billy and Luca have been extremely helpful and helpful to myself ! If your looking for yourself or a loved one, 100 look no further this is the type of place someone who is suffering needs- the surroundings, the programme, the environment , and amazing team!


I can’t thank the team at Ibiza Calm enough. I had a friend who spent time with them and what they have done is amazing. From the therapy to the meetings have all set him up for moving forward. Once he left he was not just left and has a fantastic aftercare system in place. Thank You.


ibiza calm is a great place for treatment I was using drugs and drink all the time my life was a mess until I went to ibiza calm in april 2016 the staff were fantastic and cared for me the treatment I recieved was second to none I can’t thank ibiza calm enough and also my family have there son and husband back in there lives thanks to this place I am grateful to the owners who have always supported me through the years