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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful treatment approach that can address a wide range of psychological, emotional, and interpersonal issues. It offers individuals the opportunity to connect, share, and grow alongside others facing similar challenges. We know that being part of a group increases treatment outcomes. Suffering with an addiction or mental health issue, is often lonely and leads to isolation. Group therapy gives our clients an opportunity to share, and hear, from other like-minded people. Whether dealing with mental health issues, (such as anxiety and depressive disorders), substance (drug and alcohol) or process (gambling or sex) addiction, group therapy provides a supportive environment where participants can explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours under the guidance of a trained therapist. Group therapy offers numerous benefits, including support, validation, learning opportunities, and a sense of belonging, making it a valuable tool for promoting healing and growth in individuals seeking mental health and emotional well-being.

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What is group therapy?

Group therapy can be summarised as the treatment of multiple patients at once, by one or more healthcare professionals. Sessions are facilitated by a licensed and qualified therapist or psychologist; this ensures that there is a defined format and a set of rules or guidelines which ensure the flow of conversation, the connection of the group, and the growth of the individuals involved. Sessions may focus on specific topics or be more open-ended, allowing participants to discuss a range of issues.
Groups can vary in size but typically consist of 6 to 12 members. The number of participants is not a critical factor; it is more important that the individuals who are gathered have aligned goals and similar, but not necessarily exact experiences. The sharing of personal information, incidents, and emotions, within the group; and the knowledge derived from the others’ narratives is the basis of a successful session.

What is group therapy used for?

Anyone can benefit from group therapy, and it is particularly useful when dealing with –

  • → Anxiety.
  • → Depression.
  • → Bipolar.
  • → Substance misuse (alcohol, prescription medicine, drugs).
  • → Process addiction (gambling, sex, gaming).
  • → Eating disorders.
  • → Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • → Grief and loss.
  • → Anger management.
  • → Relationship issues.

How does group therapy work at the rehab centre?

Group therapy is an important part of the programme at Ibiza Calm, and whilst most people are reluctant at first; often experiencing trepidation at the thought of speaking in front of others. We do encourage them to go along and just sit and listen. Our clients have repeatedly told us, they learn so much about themselves by listening to others.

Group therapy sessions follow a structured format, with participants encouraged to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. One of our highly trained therapists will facilitate discussion, guide the group process, and ensure that all members have an opportunity to participate.

In addition to daily group therapy sessions, we run group workshops on a range of topics, including powerlessness, anger, family dynamics, acceptance, and trauma. Through interactions with others, clients gain insight into their own behaviours and perspectives while receiving feedback and support from fellow group members.

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Benefits of group therapy include:

Peer support and validation:: Group therapy offers a sense of belonging and validation as individuals realise they are not alone in their struggles. Sharing experiences with others who understand the challenges of mental health and addiction can be empowering and motivating.
Diverse perspectives, learning from others: :Interacting with others from different backgrounds provides diverse perspectives and alternative ways of thinking. Hearing stories of recovery and resilience can inspire hope and provide practical strategies for overcoming problems.
Social skills development:: Group therapy provides a safe environment to practice social skills, such as assertiveness and empathy. Members learn how to offer each other feedback, encouragement, and practical advice; and in return accept it back from one another – fostering a supportive community and becoming more socially aware.
Accountability and relapse prevention: Group members hold each other accountable for their actions and their commitment to recovery. The group can equip individuals with coping skills and relapse prevention techniques to maintain sobriety in the face of triggers and cravings.

At Ibiza Calm we emphasise the importance of peer support and community integration. Clients are encouraged to participate in group therapy sessions, peer support groups, and recreational activities that promote social interaction and camaraderie.

These experiences lay the groundwork for building connections with peers who understand and empathise with their struggles once they leave the treatment centre, empowering individuals to sustain their emotional well-being and continue in their recovery journey.

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Admission Process


1 —-Phone call

A family member or a patient calls, we will explain the time frame, suitability, our costs and answer any other questions.

2 —-Admission Assessment

An initial telephone assessment with the client.

3 —-Set a date

We give each client a date for admission and everyone is greeted by our clinical team on arrival.

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