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Bespoke Treatments

Bespoke One to One Treatment

Here at Ibiza Calm, we recognise that some of our clients are looking for a more individualised and bespoke approach to treatment than many other treatment facilities offer. One where the client is able to receive all the care and attention necessary to recover in an exclusive one-to-one environment. In addition, some clients will require help with family members, and we are able to offer a tailored solution where accommodation can also be provided for loved ones, staff, or security.

Our treatments enable insight into the questions that many addicts have: Why is this happening to me?
Can anyone help me? How can I regain control of my life?

We help our clients regain control and find their inner balance. We have a non-confrontational approach and believe in a caring and supportive approach.

We offer a thorough assessment to understand why our clients have become reliant on alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviour like gambling.

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Our personalised treatment plan

In addition to the multi-occupancy benefits of the luxurious country house & grounds, clients will also have a personalised treatment plan that includes:

  • → Daily 1-1 therapy.
  • → Exclusive access to a private doctor and psychiatrist.
  • → Accompanied external business & leisure trips.
  • → Enhanced security, as well as our usual guarantees around discretion & anonymity.
  • → Access to Skype, email, telephone etc. for business and family purposes.
  • → An appropriate fitness regime within and outside of the grounds.
  • → First-class daily complementary therapies including Shiatsu & Indian Head Massage.
  • → Planned meal regime utilising an in-house chef and dietician.
  • → In addition, we can arrange a continuing-care package that offers a 24 hour live in clinical option once you leave treatment if you wish.
  • → Moreover, we can provide all travel arrangements, including private jet passage and highly trained travel companions, ensuring a safe secure worry-free experience.

With the bespoke one-to-one treatment approach other options are available, clients can request the private use of our two-bedroom upper house, sole use of the secluded standalone suite “La Casita,” and/or the exclusive use of our large country house and grounds for an extended period to enable them to deal with a variety of physical and mental health issues.

Clients choosing this private and bespoke treatment option are typically busy individuals from the business and arts world, and people who have lives where it is simply impossible to ‘go missing’ completely for any significant period of extended time. With the support and the individualised care, we are able to provide in this unique environment, clients can recover at their own pace, in peace and security, with a graduated return to a re-energised and more productive new life.


The treatment

We use a compassion-based model of treatment, which is non-shaming and non-blaming. We provide support which empowers a sense of dignity and teaches functional self-care. We use several therapeutic techniques such as CBT, motivational interviewing, an introduction to 12 step recovery and various group therapies. Combined with physical movement, a healthy balanced diet and a very quiet, comfortable and inspiring property.




includes a thorough physical and psychological examination by our medical team. We take particular care to take a history of prescription medicine use.



(detox) is a medically managed process during which the client comes off their drug or substance of choice. For some prescription medication this can take up to a month. Not every client needs detox.



is done with the client and includes the goals for a healthy, happy, and fulfilled future life.


one to one counselling, group therapy and educational lectures. From day one the client will be assigned a designated therapist and welcomed into group therapy. Our aim is to help each client discover more about themselves and learn how to use the tools for recovery.


healthy food is at the centre of our treatment, and we have our own nutritionist. Yoga, mindfulness and exercise (including walks to the beaches) all contribute to a rapid and thorough recovery.


is key to recovery. Our treatment programme allows time to rest, relax and catch up with sleep.


we encourage family members to be a part of the rehabilitation process and hold weekly online support sessions which are open to the families of all our clients. We can also arrange family and/or couples therapy, as a part of an individual’s broader treatment programme, on a case-by-case basis, dependent on need.


we offer weekly aftercare sessions online, facilitated by one of our highly qualified psychotherapists. Clients are introduced to the aftercare therapy before leaving treatment, ensuring they are confident of ongoing, continued support.

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TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Approximately Two-thirds of people with depression don’t get adequate relief from the first antidepressant they try.
Since its introduction in 1985, this treatment has been studied for its efficacy in different psychiatric disorders.
It is a proven and effective treatment modality.


I wanted to drop you a quick message to thank you very much for your help and support during my stay within Ibiza Calm. Each and every person in the house was important in his own way in my recovery. I feel very grateful to all of you. It’s not always easy but it is achievable. My life is way much better than it was before coming and I am definitely a better version of myself now.


My son attended two rehab facilities before going to Ibiza Calm. Ibiza Calm, however, was exactly what it professed to be. They worked with my son as a vital ally in his recovery process, not as a person to be broken and fixed according to a set regimen, who would be blamed and shamed if he did not respond appropriately to the facility’s treatment protocol and schedule. The therapist assigned to my son struck the right balance between allowing him to move at a pace at which he was comfortable and pushing him to keep a challenging pace of self-discovery and recovery. My son has come out of this treatment calm and self-aware; whereas he finished the other programs angry and even traumatized. My son has only been 6 weeks out of Ibiza Calm, so the long-term success in remaining sober remains to be seen, but the change in his attitude and behavior is so profound that I have great hope for the future for the first time in years. I recommend Ibiza Calm without reservation, rather with overwhelming gratitude.


I was at Ibiza calm from the 4th of July to the 29th of July 2020, I am 23 years of age and was in a horrific place in my life From drink and cocaine. My girlfriend is pregnant and outright had enough of my selfish behaviour. I was really ready to start my recovery, I settled in fantastic they have amazing staff so helpful and caring, the food is unbelievable thanks to Danny the main man in the kitchen, the grounds are beautiful, the bedrooms are very nice I overall found my stay amazing. 10/10 couldn’t fault it many thanks Francis.


My husband was in another rehab clinic in the UK 6 months ago, which I wasn’t totally convinced by not only experiences of others but the surroundings/ Set up and approach to it .. he is only 2 weeks into his journey at IBIZA calm and it’s the first time in a long time I can finally hear happiness in his voice, and motivation on his healing / sobriety journey , commitment to his inner and outer health.. I know this is just the beginnings But both billy and Luca have been extremely helpful and helpful to myself ! If your looking for yourself or a loved one, 100 look no further this is the type of place someone who is suffering needs- the surroundings, the programme, the environment , and amazing team!


I can’t thank the team at Ibiza Calm enough. I had a friend who spent time with them and what they have done is amazing. From the therapy to the meetings have all set him up for moving forward. Once he left he was not just left and has a fantastic aftercare system in place. Thank You.


ibiza calm is a great place for treatment I was using drugs and drink all the time my life was a mess until I went to ibiza calm in april 2016 the staff were fantastic and cared for me the treatment I recieved was second to none I can’t thank ibiza calm enough and also my family have there son and husband back in there lives thanks to this place I am grateful to the owners who have always supported me through the years